Welcome to Plant Research

Plant Research (NZ) Ltd. is a plant breeding, research and development company based at Lincoln University in Canterbury, New Zealand. Our principal shareholder is Cates Grain & Seed Ltd., a grain & seed production specialist company established in 1973 and based in Ashburton, New Zealand.

Our core activity is plant breeding and we conduct targeted breeding projects for clients around the world in a range of arable crop species.

We utilise in state of the art breeding methodologies and several key countries to shuttle genetics around the globe to take advantage of contra-seasons and different environments.

Our clients are seeking high performance genetics that offer them a competitive advantage and point of difference in their markets.

We operate via a series of interactive networks with collaborating companies throughout the world. With a network approach Plant Research Ltd. can deliver new and innovative varieties with speed.

In addition to our plant breeding activities we operate a commercial double haploid wheat production programme, southern hemisphere seed multiplications and nurseries, seed germination tests and aphanomyces root rot soil tests.

Winter Max Triticale
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