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A new high yielding white seeded, semi-leafless field pea.

Alezan is the only white seeded field pea available in New Zealand with resistance to pea powdery mildew, and good tolerance to pea downy mildew.

Alezan is currently one of the highest yielding peas on the UK recommended list In New Zealand trials, Alezan has consistently out yielded other new Zealand varieties.

View Alezan Brochure View Alezan Brochure.

Key Features

- High grain yield.
- The best available all-round disease resistance available in a New Zealand feed pea variety.
- Resistant to pea powdery mildew.
- Improved tolerance to pea downy mildew.
- Bred specifically for feed (high protein, low trypsin inhibitor activity).


Alezan is a spring-sown variety that produces a crop of medium-tall height and matures mid-season.

Early plant vigour is good, and under ideal growing conditions Alezan will tiller and compensate for minor gaps in establishment.

Flowering normally commences at nodes 16-17.

Flowers are white and normally 2 flowers are produced at each node.


General agronomic practices should be similar to those applied to other field pea varieties.

Choose your paddock carefully giving consideration to soil structure and previous cropping history. A minimum of four years between pea crops is recommended. Check your paddock's aphanomyces root rot status and avoid paddocks with an unsafe Disease Severity Index.

Spray for aphids early if numbers are starting to build up. Alezan, like most other varieties is susceptible to a range of aphid transmitted viral diseases. Early intervention is critical to avoid yield loss.

Alezan is best sown from September to mid-October. The recommended sowing rate will depend on the grain size planted. Aim for a target population of 80 plants/m2.


Alezan has been tested with a range of commercially available and recommended herbicides. Check with your agent for the best possible advice.

Alezan will respond to irrigation, but careful monitoring of soil moisture levels is recommended to avoid excessive or insufficient irrigation.

Lodging Resistance

Alezan's lodging resistance is rated as moderate. The crop will generally stand for the majority of the season until late pod fill when some lodging may be seen. In our experience to date we have not seen the crop go completely flat.

Disease Resistance

Alezan has genetic resistance to pea powdery mildew and improved tolerance to downy mildew. In the wet season on 2004/05 Alezan coped very well with prolonged wet conditions.

Marketing and Utilisation

The seed licencee for Alezan in New Zealand is Peter Cates Ltd.

Alezan is targeted at domestic feed and export food markets.

PRL Walana

PRL WalanaPRL Walana

PRL Walana is the latest variety to be released from the joint breeding programme between the Pork CRC, The University of Sydney and Plant Research (NZ) Ltd.

Walana was bred at PRL and selected in Australia by Steve Moore ath the Plant Breeding Institute in Narrabri NSW. Extensive trials over several seasons has confirmed the yield and yield stability of Walana along with its robust disease resistance package that includes important viral pathogens and powdery mildew.

The variety was officially released and named at the PBI annual field day on the 28th September 2010.

View PLR Walana BrochureView PLR Walana Brochure.

Key Features

- New field pea variety for commercial production in northern NSW and Qld in 2011.
- White flowered "white pea" (yellow seeded) suitable for human consumption or livestock feed.
- Early maturity, semi-leafless erect plant type.
- Resistant to powdery mildew.
- Moderately resistant to Bean leaf roll virus (BLRV).
- Segregating for resistance to Pea seed-borne mosaic virus (PSbMV).